Phenomenal Creature is an acoustic five-member folk band located in Helsinki. Although the bands music is strongly rooted in folk, the intensity of its live performances sets it apart from the common ways of folk music. Throughout the five year history the band has managed to keep itself away from electric instruments and has developed their own unique sound. Joona Mäkelä illustrates in his songs moments filled up with passion, agony and love.

After a long journey Phenomenal Creature is now ready to proudly present their debut album. The self titled album will be released on the 11th of April 2013. The music video for Quiet Flower Bed was released in early February and there are more videos to come. The second single from the album is Songbird. The album is produced, recorded and mixed by Lauri Eloranta.

PHENOMENAL CREATURE IS: Joona Mäkelä (guitar & vocals), Rosita Manninen (flute & vocals), Ilari Launonen (suitcases & vocals), Seidi Guzejev (violin & vocals) & Saara Viika (cello & vocals)

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