Myth-busting Golf Equipment

All golfers – whether they are top-seeded PGA Pros, or amateurs just starting to play, all look to maximize their game and squeeze out a couple more yards per swing through their golf equipment. Whether it is through buying balls which create the most spin, or using branded clubs, it is supposedly better than their lesser-known counterparts.

Golf equipmentThe paramount importance that the equipment has over the game has inevitably sprouted some myths surrounding the different game gear. Some big-name manufacturers are quick to exploit this kind of thinking by constantly launching products boasting new technology, all promising to give the player greater distances and more control over the game. Adding to the confusion are some of the players themselves, who have inevitably heard and repeated some of these old wives’ tales while teeing off. What are the common myths surrounding golf equipment, and what is the truth lying behind it?

Undoubtedly, most of the golfing equipment myths surround the golf club. Many players in search of the perfect golf club, especially beginners, are wont to fall for the marketing spin created equipment manufacturers, who are all championing their own as the best.

The biggest myth surrounding the club is related to brand –

is using a branded golf club (usually with a popular, highly-ranked PGA endorser) much better? The process of choosing golf equipment, usually beginning with selecting a club, is a highly personal process. Each golfer has his own set of characteristics and circumstances, demanding different clubs to address each. It can be tempting to look up the brands that the Pros use and buy them. However, there is no single brand that works best for everyone. Rather than putting a premium on brand, the golfer should look at the clubs, which are made for their specific needs and skill level. First-time buyers may opt to go for a club fitting, rather than picking a brand off the shelf. The best golf clubs are those that fit a player’s unique parameters.

Another question often asked is which brand produces the best results? No single brand has a monopoly on the game, despite what a Tour professional looking like walking advertisements for a brand (all golf equipment – shoes, clubs, bags, apparel, and even carts often sporting the same seemingly innocuous logo) would have you believe. Each brand would have their own strengths and often, a mixed set would give a better improvement over a full bag of golf clubs from the same brand.


Yearly, it is expected that big-named brands come out with their ‘latest and greatest’. Design has changed very little over the years. Modern golf clubs and those manufactured a few years back can still go head to head in terms of distance. In addition, there are regulations putting caps on these variances so it is not likely to have a dramatic effect on the game.

Golf EquipmentAfter exposing the myths surrounding the most important of golfing equipment, next up is clearing up some falsehoods surrounding other gear. Golf ball bounce and distance is a big area of concern for players. When in a shop, many players purchase the golf balls that bounce higher than others, thinking that it will go a greater distance when teeing off. Ball distance is the product of many variables; most important of these is backspin.

Players are better of testing a variety of brands at the range, which suits their game level the most. Also, many people believe that the club’s grooves are responsible for creating the spin, and therefore, distance. As verified by testing by the US Golf Association (USGA), it is the loft, which is the angle of the club face on the shaft on the club, which powers this distance.


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Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards have become a part of everyday accessories. Almost everyone is wearing it or at least holding on to it.

Lanyards have always been used to keep small items secured and accessible. You can use it to hold your mobile phone, your keys, or even your flash disk. The most common users of neck lanyards are students and employees. They use these to carry their IDs as the lanyards also have their school or office’s name printed on it.

Looking at how schools and even government agencies use this item, lanyards can also be used to advertise a certain brand. Other than helping you identity where a person attends school or works from, these items also helps promote business as it carries the brand name.

Using Customized Lanyards for Promotion

Customized lanyards are the most commonly sought for item by companies. Using these, they are able to place their own design, whether it’s their company name or their logo. Employees use these to attach their pens, mobile phones, and other items. This helps in identifying where they work. At the same time, people become familiar with the company’s name. This makes it an effective means for businessmen to reach out to their target market.

To further reach out to their target market, companies use lanyards to hold IDs of those participating in their event. Schools also use this to attract new students by making their lanyards attractive for teens and kids.

Whenever there’s a school fare or a high school event such as soccer competition, dance show, concerts or fund raisers, customized lanyards are used. The school, sometimes, allow school organizations to customize their own depending on what even they are sponsoring or for their own organization identification use.

Businesses also use lanyards to promote their business by giving it as giveaways. If they sponsor an event, their name can also be included in the lanyards. In some instances, they have participants use their own customized lanyards to hold name tags or business cards. This is not only to attract potential supporters but also other clients as well. Giving them can provide an impact to the recipient. This is, after all, one of the most useful items they can have.

Promotional customized neck lanyards are not new. In fact they have been used even by brands to attract customers. Even toy stores sell lanyards kids will love. Teens have lanyards hanging on their neck as it holds their mobile phones and digital cameras. There are even those who customized it with catchy lines that attract a wider range of market.

Using Neck Lanyards to Secure Items and to Style

As many people fancy using lanyards, certain companies are also using it as their brand’s additional merchandize. Teenagers and even kids usually have a neck lanyard to keep their items close to them. Some of these carry cartoon characters as design or simply have their names on it. This also allows them to use their mobile phones or USBs as accessories.

Neck-LanyardsFor adults, using lanyards seem to add that authoritative feel especially as it identifies them either as a participant, or a member of a group. Organizations use this to hold their member’s ID. In some instances, the members, themselves, use this outside organization use either to hold keys or other important items.

Perhaps the best use for neck lanyards, other than promotional or for stylish reasons, is safety of the item. It helps you become hand free from the item while keeping it safe from those who want to snatch it.

Customized lanyards are a great item to have. You can have it designed with your business’ name or simply add a few creative details to it and make it as a product to sell. Either way, its usefulness makes it a must-have by many people. It allows them to be hands-free from the item. And as they use this more, others get to know your brand and become familiar with it.